Colorado Springs Guitar Studio

Policies and faq’s


Colorado Springs Guitar Studio is a small operation and not a chain or corporate lesson studio or music store.  Because of this students deal with the instructor directly for payment, scheduling, and any other issues.


  • Scheduling is done directly with the instructor.  In case of abscences, rescheduling lessons, or other issues students can contact the instructor directly.
  • Payment can be done via credit/debit card, cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal.  Students may pay for lessons on a weekely basis at their lesson or on a monthly or bulk lesson basis.
  • We do not charge for missed lessons for illness, vacations, or other issues that may arise.  Students can work with the instructor to find a make-up lesson or the payment can be pushed forward.
  • Students will be invoiced for missed lessons with no notification and the instructor reserves the right to remove students from the schedule for schedule inconsistencies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior musical experience to start guitar lessons?

Getting started with playing the guitar is very accessible and no previous musical experience is needed.  Often the teaching for beginners uses alternate notation such as tablature and chord charts and those formats are very easy to learn quickly so standard music notation reading is not necessarily a part of beginning guitar lessons.

Should I learn on electric or acoustic guitar?

I’m often asked by beginning students who are starting lesson if it is better to learn on an electric or acoustic guitar.  I usually tell people to go with the type of guitar that they are drawn to, are inspired by, or that features prominently in the music they listen to.  The two types of guitars are tuned the same so there is no real benefit or disadvantage to starting on one or the other.

I'm an advanced, experienced guitaist. Can you help me improve?

I have a masters degree in jazz guitar performance, have played most styles of music professionally, and have taught a wide range of styles and topics to advanced players for decades.  I’d encourage experienced guitarists who are interested in lessons to call and chat about their goals or come in for a trial lesson to see if it is a good fit.

How long will it take to get good at guitar?

We are often asked this question by beginning students.  The answer is that it is different for everyone and it largely depends on the student and if they are practicing at home.  If a student is practicing most days they can expect to be playing songs they like in a short period of time.  Students that are invested in playing at a very high level or being a professional player may take years of ongoing lessons.  The instructor has years of music education and decades of pro playing, recording, and teaching experience and has a lot to offer advancing guitar players.

Do you teach adults?

I often get calls from prospective adult students who have some reservations because of age.  The reality is that more than half of my students are adults, ranging from college aged students to retired people.  It is very common for adults of any age to be studying an instrument and often be excelling at it.

How much are lessons at the Colorado Springs Guitar Studio?

Half hour lessons are $30 and one hour lessons are $55.  Discounts will be applied for monthly and bulk lesson prepayment and discounts are available for active military, retired military, and families that have multiple family members enrolled in lessons.

How are lessons prices determined?

Lesson prices are consistent with other music lesson studios and music instructors in the region.  Most music studios do not have instructors with the combination of education, professional playing and recording experience, and teaching experience that students will get at the Colorado Springs Guitar Studio so the rates are reasonable when compared to comparable instruction in the region and nationally.

What If I miss a lesson(s) for illness, vacation, etc...

One of the biggest complaints we hear when students come from other music studios is that they were charged for missed lessons due to illness, vacations, or other issues.  At the Colorado Springs Guitar Studio the business model is built on a strong student/instructor relationship and some absences are to be expected.  Students can work directly with the instructor to reschuled missed lessons or the payment can simply be pushed forward to cover the next lesson.  The instructor reserves the right to remove students from the schedule who have consistent missed lessons.

Are there materials to buy or extra fees?

There are no additional things to be purchased or no extra costs outside of the lesson fees.  All lesson materials have been developed and produced by the instructor so students will receive lesson materials that are printed and/or emailed and there are no extra music books or additional materials that would need to be purchased.

What is youngest age that you will teach?

While I don’t have an exact age limit, I prefer to work with students who are somewhat self-motivated and driven to play the guitar or bass.  I’ve had a lot of students under the age of 10 who have excelled.  I would prefer to not teach young kids who do not want to be in lessons, are doing lessons for just another activty, or who have behavior or focus issues.  I would also prefer that parents of very young students sit in the lessons with the child and by no means leave the building during the lesson.

Do you teach worship music or faith-based lessons?

If a prospective student is looking for music lessons that are taught through the lens of a particular faith or if they want an instructor that shares their particular faith or knows the standard reportoire of a particular religion or denomination then the Colorado Springs Guitar Studio is most likely not the right fit.  Of course the instructor will be more than happy to help any student quickly learn any music of their choosing and that can always include religious music.