The Colorado Springs Guitar Studio was launched with the goal of creating a fun and engaging learning environment for both beginning and advanced guitar players.  The goal is to help aspiring electric and acoustic guitarists as well as electric bass players learn and explore their musical interests while providing affordable lesson fees with flexible scheduling and payment options.


Students at the Colorado Springs Guitar Studio receive personalized guitar or bass lessons that are tailored to their strengths, musical interests, and personal goals. Beginning guitarists will build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of guitar playing, and advanced guitar players can concentrate on honing their skills and developing the styles and techniques of their choice.


The Colorado Springs Guitar Studio is located in a new office building and is stocked with a library of resources to facilitate instruction in a variety of musical styles and all levels of electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric bass guitar.  In addition to guitar lessons, students can utilize the studio’s music production and recording tools to gain experience in composing and recording their own music.



Colorado Springs Guitar Studio owner and guitar instructor Steve Langemo is a diverse and experienced guitarist with a background in rock, jazz, blues, pop, funk, classical, fingerstyle, and metal. Steve has a Master’s Degree in jazz guitar performance, has done thousands of professional performances as a guitar player and bass player, and has been involved in guitar instruction for over 25 years. Steve has taught guitar lessons to music students of all ages and works with beginning guitar players through advanced and professional guitar players.


New for 2018, Colorado Springs Guitar Studio instructor Steve Langemo is now accepting requests for remote lessons in guitar, improvisation, theory, and other topics via Skype or FaceTime.  This allows guitar students outside of our area to get the same quality of guitar instruction and materials from anywhere using only a laptop or other device.  Lesson plans will be customized for each student’s level and interests and PDF’s and audio files of lesson materials will be emailed to augment the learning process.  Contact the studio to sign up for online guitar lessons or get more info on remote instruction.



Our most recent guitar studio student showcase was a success! 13 guitar studio students were involved and all put on great performances.

Guitar students performing a Metallica song at the spring concert


“I started taking private guitar lessons from Steve as a beginner in middle school.  His instruction made learning the guitar very enjoyable and enabled me to work with music I wanted to learn while developing the skills I needed to succeed in music long-term.  I continued with guitar lessons through high school and was accepted into a competitive university music program, where I was placed a year ahead of my class in music theory courses.  I never would have gone as far as I did with my guitar playing and music if it weren’t for Steve’s guitar instruction.”

– Michael Thompson

“Guitar instructor Steve Langemo launched my daughters’ passion for guitar playing, bass playing, and live performance.  Steve’s ability to teach solid instrumental technique combined with his willingness to work creatively and personally with both girls instilled a high level of confidence and commitment in them.  They both currently play in an indie-rock trio with their third sister on drums. They have released a full-length CD and have just finished their first cross country tour.  Much credit for their musical progression goes directly to Steve as a teacher.  His vision, his patience, and his ability to impart some of his amazing guitar skills to two unlikely young girls has had a life-altering impact on them both.”

– Anne Rasmussen


“Steve Langemo’s guitar instruction turned me into an open-minded guitar player and musician that I never envisioned I could become. His instruction provided comprehensive guitar skills for practical application in any musical scenario that I still employ today in my own original music, guitar playing, gigging, and in my own guitar teaching.”

– Tim Hoffelt


“I started taking lessons from Steve in early 2015. I’ve been playing for quite some time, but recently decided to focus on jazz. During the first lesson Steve quickly got a feel for my abilities and needs, and by the time I left I had enough information to construct rootless major, minor, and dominant 7th chords based on understanding. His lessons continue to be concise and applicable. Learning jazz can be a daunting process, but Steve helps to see through some of the mystery and hype.”

– Andrew Leitzel

“Steve taught me everything I know about music and guitar.  He was my guitar teacher from when I was a beginner as a kid until I was 16 (at which point he unfortunately moved).  Steve could always help me and give me the right instruction no matter what I needed: theory, jazz, chords, rhythm, metal, fingerstyle—he knows it all.  Steve not only taught me about my instrument, but helped me to love the guitar like I do today.  I’d recommend Steve as a guitar teacher for music students at any level.”

– Cameron Carr



11- year old Colorado Springs Guitar Studio student Ryan Carter is a talented guitar player who has been playing guitar since he was 6 years old.  At the studio he is honing his technique, reading, improvisation and fretboard knowledge while learning a number of classic rock tunes.  In addition to playing guitar, Ryan sings and writes his own songs.  Check out this video of a song Ryan wrote about his favorite video game Fortnite.  We recorded the track and shot the video at the studio.



Colorado Springs Guitar Studio student Mark Foreman is a talented guitar player whose playing is firmly rooted in classic rock, blues, and pop music. Mark has been playing guitar and studying music since he was 6 years old. Mark is incredibly creative, has great ears, and already has a great knowledge of music theory and guitar techniques. Check out this video demo of one of Mark’s original rock guitar instrumentals that we recorded and filmed at the studio.


To help aspiring guitar players make the choice to take their music lessons at The Colorado Springs Guitar Studio, we are offering one free trial private guitar lesson to guitarists interested in pursuing instruction at the studio. Potential students can interact with the teacher, see the studio, and take a sample 30-minute guitar lesson. Then they can decide if they want to continue with regularly scheduled guitar lessons at the studio.



Colorado Springs Guitar Studio owner and guitar teacher Steve Langemo was interviewed and quoted extensively in an article in the October issue of Classical Guitar Magazine about how to run a successful private guitar lesson studio. Steve discussed his philosophies on a range of topics related to running a successful student/client focused music instruction business and teaching effective private guitar lessons.


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