We will be doing two more guitar studio concerts in Colorado Springs in 2019! Our last studio showcase featured a number of guitar studio students performing a wide range of music and acoustic and electric guitar styles. We had solo acoustic blues, jazz standards, gypsy jazz, some Beatles tunes, and a good dose of rock and metal guitar. There were over 100 people in attendance for the event and the show was standing room only.

We are still in the planning stages but the fall and winter guitar student concerts will be a lot of fun. Students involved in guitar lessons at the studio usually pick their own material and prepare their songs during their guitar lessons with the help of their guitar teacher. We then take the selections through a rehearsal process with a backing band made up professional musicians from Colorado Springs and Denver.

All students taking guitar lessons and bass lessons at the Colorado Springs Guitar Studio have the option to be involved in the live performances. Guitar students of all ages and levels can participate and new students starting guitar lessons can still get in on the shows. Students are encouraged to select music that they are interested in performing and their guitar instructors are very supportive in helping them practice and prepare. In some cases the guitar teacher may work with the students to compose their own original music and perform it with the full band. The preparation for these performances is always a great experience and learning tool for both casual and serious guitar students.


Sunday, October 20 2019 @ The Coffee Exchange – 5:00 pm

Sunday, December 8 2019 @ The Coffee Exchange – 5:00 pm


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